Wednesday, February 9, 2011

These past few days have been exhausting, for some reason. Monday, I went with Meme and Mom to the bank and then we had lunch at Asian City. Pork dumplings, eggrolls, egg drop soup, and teriyaki chicken. Yummy. :)

Then yesterday, Mom and I went by Sherwin Williams and bought some paint for my room. I'm painting it a really pretty light purple called "Magical".

And today I had to go pick up my new glasses, and then stopped by Subway for lunch. Now they've shut down all the freeways due to ice on the roads so I'm stuck at home. Haha.

I've bought a few things lately, including a crap ton of stuff from Victoria's Secret (including the bras shown, along with some panties, body sprays, and lotion.), a curtain for my bedroom, shampoo that I have been looking for, and some more eyeliner. :)

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Monday, January 31, 2011

I actually got out of the house this past couple of days! Yay me. lol.

Yesterday I went to my BFF's little bro's 3rd birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. Man, I don't even remember the last time I was there. I think it was the last day of 5th grade, I went there with ym Mom just for the pizza. Which by the way is freaking awesome. So hot and gooey and cheesey omgg. There were a ton of people there, mostly close family but a few family friends, including the nurse that dealt with her brother when he was born ( he was extremely sick. )

I hung out with Britt (my BFF) and her friend aka her "cousin" Shelby, who is really easy to be around by the way, and talked about boys and crap like that while we listened to Chuckie sing (I saw Baby and Party and the USA lol.) After eating a whole pizza, Britt went off and snapped some pics while Chuckie sang her brother Happy Birthday, and Shelby and I pigged out on Spongebob cupcakes. They were sooo good. They were vanilla with blue icing (yes, our mouths were totally blue after eating them) and had a Spongebob ring on top. Haha.

Then after about an hour we went and played a coupple of games but Shelby had to leave so Britt and I ended up roaming around, trying not to get trampled by all the children.

After we left, we went over to her grandma's house and hung out with her new husky puppy.

Then today I had dinner with my Mom and Meme at Friday's. Meme had Chicken Strips (which, according to her, were not as good as usual), Mom got Steak and Shrimp, and I ordered the Jack Daniel's grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were amazing ( ALMOST as good as Meme's. )

Doesn't it look delicious?!

Then later, Mom and I went to Target and bought a crapload of stuff. I LOVE target.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Belated Chrismas Haul Post
( just for my own reference. )
I got: Urban Decay NAKED palette, Juicy Couture charm bracelet (w/ juicy, polar bear and blue stiletto charms), Lucy Brand red shirt, Lucky Brand navy Asian-style print tee, Juicy Couture pajama set, earrings and other jewelry from family friends, driver's ed, Coach Poppy perfume & Audrey Hepburn book & charm bracelet from Aunt Paula, ivy in a cute dolphin vase from Aunt Toni, Beyonce Live DVD...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new Audrey Hepburn calender! It has my favorite pictures of her. And my all-time Aundrey Hepburn picture is for my birth month, November! I was so happy. :)

Today was a cool day. Hung out with Brittany and her friend Kylie all day. First, we went to Barnes and Noble and then they ate dinner over at my house. My Mom makes this Raspberry Chipotle Pork that Brittany is obsessed with, so Mom made it for us and Brittany, Kylie, Brittany's Mom & her Grandma (who lives across the street.)

Then I went across the street and we hung out on the internet for a while, watching optical illusions on Youtube. Lol. So far, I've hung out with Brittany for the past 3 weekends. And she's grounded! Hahaha.
Well, today was a pretty fun day. :)
First, Mom and I went out to her friends' church for their annual BBQ cook-off. Her friend's husband cooked some amazing beans to enter. I usually hate beans, but these were soooo good. He put little bits of hams in it. Yummm. He also entered his brisket, which was also good, but I don't like brisket. He didn't place in either one, though. He totally shoul've won for the beans.

Then we went to Sam Moon and shopped around a bit. I got a rolling bag thing for our trip to Colorado (yay), a purse (a knock-off of this bag byBetsy Johnson. It looks exactly like it, only I got mine for 30 bucks. :P) and an adorable black Hello Kitty watch. Mom got her a purse, too. It makes me feel bad when she's always buying me stuff and hardly ever buys anything for herself. :/

After we left there, we went to Target and I got an adorable red wallet and some powder foundation. I tell you what, I've tried a few but nothing compares to MAC's studio fix powder. I love it but the color I have, C3 is too dark for me now, since it's no longer summer. So I ordered another in NC15 online. I figured if it was too light, I could just use bronzer or something. :)

Anyway, I forgot to mention! My Mom is taking me to Colorado (Denver and Colorado Springs) in November for my birthday. :) We're flying, which I'm SO stoked about 'cause I have never been on a plane before. I'm soooo excited but it's still so far away. OTZ

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, I just had the most awkward moment of my life tonight. Mom, Meme and I went to the funeral home for the visitation for one of Meme's friends. We stayed for about and hour and a half. Meme sat inside by the casket talking to his wife, and Mom and I sat in the lobby with all the teenagers. There was this guy about my age there in purple shirt who was really cute, and I caught him staring at me a couple of times.

I went into the lounge or whatever to get some coffee and Mom and I sat down and talked a bit. Well, after about 30 minutes she got up and went to see if Meme was ready to go, leaving me there by myself. I KNEW there would be someone that would come in there and want to talk to me (and I am a very awkward person, so I do not like talking to someone I do not know) but I stayed there and read a pamplet they had about "how to deal with losing a loved one". Well all of a sudden here comes Paul, one of my Mom's oldest friends, whom I do like pretty well (although he's really too affectionate for me) and he sits next to me and hugs on me and everything. As if that wasn't uncomfortable enough, Tommy (my Mom's old crush from hs) comes in and is all like "You're so beautiful!" and hugs and kisses me on the cheek. Keep in mind, both of them are over 50 years old. And Tommy's all like "To think I could have had such a beautiful daughter. You know, I could have been your Dad."

First of all, WHO says that? That's just rude. Plus, his son (who is 2 years younger than me) was sitting right there. I mean, seriously? And he's all talking about how much my grandparents liked him (which is bullshit) and how everyone wanted him and my Mom to get together but he was too wild blah blah blah. And I'm sitting here, thinking "WHY are you telling me this?"

He kept hugging me and petting on me and stuff (which, a 55 year old man hugging on a 16 year old girl who he doesn't really know is kind of creepy) and talking about how beautiful I am yadda yadda. I could feel my face getting red. I felt like slapping him. And Paul was trying to change the topic the whole time. THEN he got to talking about the dude in purple and how he dated a gorgeous supermodel but dumped her and how we would "get along well."
I swear he sounded like a freaking wing man or something. And the dude was sitting right outside the room STARING RIGHT AT ME. It was so freaking awkward.

Then Tommy was hugging on me again and this woman (who just happens to be Purple Dude's Mom) came in with a coke and has the weirdest look on her face. Of course, I suppose seeing two old men hugging on a young girl is kind of strange. And the whole time Tommy is talking to me about how Mom and him were basically bf & gf (which they were so not) and that he could have been my Dad and stuff, his son is sitting right behind me and these 3 teenage guys kept coming in to get water like every freaking five minutes. IT WAS SO AWKWARD OMG.

I was never so happy to see my Mom walk into the room. Now, I smell like cheap old man's cologne. My clothes, my hair.... Yuck.

I have had a very awkward weekend. Last night, Mom and I went to an art gallery to see one of her friend's artwork and this guy was like following me around. Then tonight, two old men hugging and petting on me. Ugh.